Blog Tours: Viewing Brekkin’s Blog

As I first opened Brekkin’s blog, I immediately got excited to see that it was a blog based on places that Brekkin either has visited or wants to visit. My family never traveled growing up or went on vacation, but we are currently trying to plan a trip, yet we don’t know where to go. Reading into Brekkin’s blog gives you many amazing ideas on places to travel, and includes information about the location, including food, environment, things to see, and what time of people are most suited for a vacation in that area. Brekkin’s blog posts includes detailed information about California, Fiji, the Dominican Republic, Florida, Hawaii, the Bahamas,South Carolina, Jamaica, and Conrad Bora Bora. The posts that I specifically want to look at are about Conrad Bora Bora, the Bahamas, and Jamaica.

Brekkin never went to Conrad Bora Bora, but viewed a blog about the vacation destination. In Conrad Bora Bora, Brekkin discusses how there are activities there that include paddle boarding, snorkeling, kayaking, and using bicycle boats. Even though there are all these activities, the blog suggests that it isn’t the best place to take a family, but instead more of a honeymoon destination.  Brekkin also points out the beautiful waters of Conrad Bora Bora that first catches the eye, with clear blue water and perfect beaches to just relax in. As long as there’s a beach, I would love to visit Conrad Bora Bora.

I actually do know someone that went to the Bahamas for a vacation, and they had nothing but good things to say about it, and Brekkin is the same way. Brekkin didn’t personally go to the Bahamas, but it’s a destination on the bucket list. Brekkin describes how the Bahamas is a huge cruise destination that many people love to take to visit all the islands. Brekkin describes how the wildlife, beaches, and underwater activities are all amazing and need to be seen. Some specific activities that Brekkin mentions are swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, and even pigs that paddle in the water! Some of the amazing food that Brekkin discusses includes rice, seafood, lobster, and crab because it come right from the sea next to the beautiful beaches. Brekkin does mention again that the vacation spot isn’t really focused on kid-related activities, but it would be a great place to go to with friends.

The last place that Brekkin discusses is her trips to Jamaica. Brekkin goes into detail about the resort she stays at, driving in Jamaica, the language and what the people are like. She stays at a resort called Cocolapalm, which is located in Negril. The resort sits right on a beach, yet there is still a pool right in the middle of the resort. Interesting facts that she included is how the driver sits on the right side of the car and drives on the left side of the road, and even how the emergency number is 119 instead of 911, which is the number in the United States. Brekkin mentions how they have a family friend in Jamaica, which seems kinda crazy to me. I’d love to have a relative to visit in a vacation destination, I mean I need some excuse to go! She talks about how people in Jamaica speak Patois, and apparently they love hearing about Minnesota snow.

I would love to visit any of the places that Brekkin mentions, and I wish I could talk about all of the other beautiful vacation destinations. This blog makes me slightly jealous of Brekkin, I mean she’s gone to Jamaica, California, Florida, and South Carolina, all places that would get me out of Minnesota for a while. Maybe one day I’ll take a vacation, and I can use Brekkin’s blog to guide me through.


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